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Scientific Data of Dr. Jewels' Effectiveness

Joshua Bigelsen, son of the famed Physician and Scientist Harvey Bigelsen, who developed the "Holographic Blood" analysis that can actually see emotions that stay stuck within the cellular memory, wanted to do a test to see how effective hypnosis is.  He called on Dr. Jewels to do a private session and he did his own Holographic blood analysis showing before and after shots. 
Here are the findings:

Bio Well Photo showing Before and After shots of Joshua's Hypnosis Session.  Notice the out of alignment picture on the left then changed immediately after the session to be in complete alignment.  This shows the effectiveness of hypnosis on changing habits, stress, anxiety and even phobias.

On a personal note, I have been working on releasing old emotional patterns accumulated during my life. I decided to do a hypnosis session with well known hypnotherapist, Jewels Johnson. I did my blood microscopy as well as scans with the Bio-Well GDV camera before and after the session to monitor the changes. I wanted to actually see if the changes were able to be documented. Before the session my blood was average, however there was a fair amount of fatigue on the sides of the slide indicating I didn't have much reserve energy in my tank.

Before Picture: My colon had showed up several times as I have been working through some old emotions that I have “eaten" instead of dealing with.

Before: I also have been grieving over the loss of my beloved bird (Lady Gnawbington) and a lung showed up very clearly. The emotion associated with the lungs is grief.

Before: There were also some old emotions that I had closed off that were coming to the surface.

As I looked at my blood after the session I was delighted that some very nice changes occurred. There was much less fatigue on the periphery of the slide indicating my 'gas tank’, or reserve energy, had greatly improved. The colon still showed up but it did not dominate the slide as much, indicating the body was less concerned about it.

After: There were significant areas of what we call "break up" through-out the slide. These indicate the closed off emo- tions we had seen be- fore the session were released and were breaking up.

After: There was a lot of streaking indicating we had released a block or disturbance field in my b`ody, and the garbage or debris that was backing up was now being released.

After: Lastly, there were numerous areas of red ‘rust spots’. These have to do with the lungs opening up and cleansing some of my grief over the loss of my bird.

It was an excellent session that had a profound effect on me personally, and the changes were confirmed with the blood and the Bio-Well.


Hypnosis can improve the overall health of a person and should be considered as a compliment to any ongoing treatment so that stuck emotions can be released allowing the body to begin healing itself.

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