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Hypnotherapy gently takes you into a state of deep physical relaxation where your conscious and  busy mind, becomes still, quiet and calm.   We can then jump over the critical mind and into your subconscious.   The Hypnotherapist is YOUR guide in bringing about about positive changes that YOU want.   This is NOT mind control, this is allowing you to change your thoughts or limiting beliefs to bring about great change in your life.  

When you enter my office, you enter a peaceful nurturing environment, where the process of Hypnotherapy enables your subconscious to open up, allowing you to directly access your true self. It is in this place and in this state, without the interference of your busy, active mind that you become relaxed and receptive to receive positive images and suggestions replacing negative patterns and limiting beliefs.

Will power is rarely sufficient to overcome these negative patterns or beliefs which, most often, have been conditioned and programmed since birth or childhood, ultimately becoming your default. Just like a computer, the default has to be retrieved to be reprogrammed. Using Hypnosis, you can regress to retrieve the source of programming, conditioning, past hurts, trauma or difficult experiences, all of which can be the core root of addictions, phobias, stress, disease (dis-ease) and disconnection from self.

Frequently, my clients have tried to deal with past difficulties on a rational, conscious basis, but have not fully faced or dealt with the emotional issues and consequently often find their problems surface again.

Through the gentle process of Hypnotherapy, I can help you to achieve your goals, develop new inner strengths, self-control and peace of mind.

Hypnotherapy helps you to heal and let go of these unfinished emotional attachments so that you can finally be free from the past to fully enjoy living in the present.


Usually, only one appointment is all that it takes to change your subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy Session: (Usually only takes one).


Smoking Cessation Program (90 minutes):


A recording of the HYPNOSIS part of the session will be sent to you via email.  

We strongly urge you to listen to the hypnosis recording as many times as you can within a 30 day period to rewire and build new neuron pathways.

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