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International Hypnotherapist, Radio Personality, Noted Speaker, and Successful Entrepreneur,  Jewels Johnson is constantly amazed by the power of the mind. She attends and conducts many lectures, seminars, and courses for further exploration into hypnosis, the Science of Thought, and the Law of Attraction. 

Being a firm believer of the necessary scientific documentation supporting ways in which to access the mind, Jewels strives to help clients understand that our thoughts are broadcasted out into the energy that surrounds us.  She teaches the philosophy of "What You Think, You Become," and by monitoring your thoughts, you can effectively rewire your brain within 30 days. Through hypnosis, new thought patterns can be re-wired to let you begin creating the life that you have always wanted and succeed where you were unable to before.

More importantly,  Jewels has discovered that your creative powers are highly energized when you are in a hypnotic state. Using the principles taught by the Law of Attraction Experts, scientists, and academics, Jewels guides you into being the brilliant manifestor that you truly are.


Awaken your spirit and soul by letting Jewels introduce you to your powerful inner self.




Her listeners affectionally call her the Oprah of the Law of Attraction. Jewels has brought a new awareness of this powerful Universal Law to her listeners that our thoughts and emotions manifest into our reality. Jewels has also manifested listeners in 125 countries with her radio show and is on terrestrial radio in Palm Springs/Coachella Valley on KWXY 1340AM and KPSI 920AM every Saturday at 11AM.









Dr. Jewels just returned from speaking in Elele, Nigeria (Madonna University) to a large audience of 10,000 as part of the USA delegation for the International Foundation of World Peace and Research. 
Jewels and Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series
Jewels speaking at the Queen Mary with Jack Canfield.
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